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Praise for the Returners

“To put it completely blunt, ‘The Returners’ is a work of art—a harmonious blend of science fiction, humor, action, history, and a hint of romance.”
“This is a fast-paced serialized novel that follows Alex and a bunch of other Returners, historical figures who have been reincarnated through an unknown process and for unknown reasons. Not only do they have to handle all the baggage that comes with something like being Albert Einstein stuck in a 13 year old's body, but somebody out there is trying to kill them.”
“If you like fast paced action & suspense with a dash of history, this is totally for you. Trust me. I can't wait for the next section to come out! My only complaint? Mr. Neumann needs to write faster.”
“The Returners by Mikey Neumann is an action-packed page turner, filled with a memorable cast of characters, some great humor, and more historical references than you can shake a World History 101 syllabus at.”
Word of the Nerd Online
“I've read the first 14 chapters of this book on “BOZ.” Publishing and plan on buying this on payday. I have to say it is amazing. Incredible. Awesome, and addictive. Mikey Neumann has me utterly enthralled with every turn of the page. I see great things coming from him in the future and it all starts here.”
“The Returners is a fast paced science fiction work of art.”